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ShockWatchIndicatorsforLogistics Management

Anyone employed inthesupply chain or logisticsfieldsknowsone undeniable thing to always be true shipping damage is acostlypain.Intodays world of modernized logistics, we rely heavily on a wide range of different tools and techniques tominimize shipping losses and protect the bottom lines of our businesses.Because damage during shipment is such a common occurrence, its necessary that we do our best to handleand mitigatethis problem before it even has a chance to happen. Thats whereShockWatchindicatorsforlogistics management come into play.

Packaging Supplies for Damage Prevention

Anything from the way your box or mailer is shaped to the type of void fill you use will affect your productsthroughoutthe entire supply chain process. You also need to consider elements like the stretch wrap or strapping on your pallet, as well as the types of seals or tape that come into contact with your boxes.Ensuring you have the right packaging is essential, but when you go overboardwith protective materials, it canresultin expenses that quickly add up. Instead ofskipping the research andthrowing a bunch of differentpackaging supplies at the problem and hopingthey'll do the trick, why not start by utilizingone convenient tool that identifies whenand how your shipping damage takes place?ShockWatchindicators help to keep your entire supply chain accountable by identifying why, where, when,and how damage hasoccurred, which mitigates thatdamage over the long term and keeps costsdown.

ShockWatchIndicators in the Supply Chain

One major benefit to usingShockWatchindicators for logistics management is the accountability they create. Through simple, passive monitoring, these handy little devices allowyou to keep an eye on every aspect of your product or pallets journey from handling in your own warehouse to the temperature inside the shipping container to unloading at the final destination.Here are just a few of the many advantages that come along with usingShockWatchindicators for logistics management:five colorful shockwatch indicators on white background
  • Highly visible
  • Obvious display of impact levels during shipping and handling processes
  • Keep records of mishandling for delicate or calibrated goods
  • Warn all handlers that an item may need attention
  • Show evidence of abuse or mishandling of containers
  • Help package receivers know to inspect goods before accepting them
  • Help you evaluate the effectiveness of your protective packaging
  • Assist in determining problem areas ofyoursupply chain
  • Quality assurance for customers
  • Increased accountability in product handling

Are You Ready?

The advantages ofShockWatchindicators for logistics management are both clear and abundant. These cost-effective tools are a small investment toward minimizing product damage throughout the supply chain and can protect your bottom line. They are user friendly, affordable, and easily identify the problem areas in your shipping and handling processes.Contact our team today for a quoteand for further assistance findingthe idealShockWatchindicator for logistics management in your business. two corrugated boxes left is damaged with title saying coach, right is pristine with shockwatch indicators and tape and title saying first class

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