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While you know the ins and outs of your products supply chain, you cant keep track of every single movement that occurs throughout the process.As your packages move from your warehouse and onto the retailer, there are plenty of chances for damage to take place. In fact, approximately 2% of all shipments in the United States will experience harm during transit. Thankfully,you can take simple, cost-effective steps to see where damage happensduring the shipping processandprevent it from occurring again.When you utilize the correct packaging, optimize your load design, and take advantage of protective elements like stretch wrap or Dunnage air bags, youre taking important measures to ensure the safety of your goods. While you can controlallthese factors, there are a myriad of other elements that are totally out of your hands after your products leave your warehouse. This is where a helpful tool called aShockWatchIndicator comes into play.

What is aShockWatchIndicator?

ShockWatchindicators are small devices that are placed onto a pallet or package. They thenshow the kind of damage that takes place during transit, should it ever occur.These versatile little gadgets are easy to apply and there are a wide range of options to suit nearly any kind of product tracking. Use aShockWatchindicator to see visible signs of impact levels,to record impacts that come from the mishandling of sensitive or calibrated items, and to show evidence of container abuse throughout the handling process. Not only that, but you can also ensure the quality of your climate-sensitive goods with aShockWatchthat clearly displays when your product experiences excess heat,extreme cold,ortoo much humidity. There are also choices that simply record the temperatures around your pallets and packages.

What Can I Do withthe Information from MyShockWatchIndicators?

ShockWatchindicatorsprovide valuable information that keeps the individuals throughout your supply chain accountable.They allow you to determine precisely where problems occur during the shipping process, which means you can put an end to the product damage. Additionally, the indicators show to everyone involved in the supply chain thatsomething needs attention. For example, if the temperature gets too high for your goods, the indicator will clearly display this fact and handlers will be able to make conditions cooler. What if youre one of the lucky few who rarely experiences shippingdamage?ShockWatchindicators are still worth investing in. Simply place one of these low-cost devices on your package and wait for it to arrive to your client. The customer can clearly see that the product has faced no damage or extreme temperatures, reassuring them of the high quality of your materials and packaging.

Improve Accountability and Your Bottom Line

No matter how much or how little damage your pallets and packages have faced during shipment in the past, aShockWatchindicator is a versatile mechanism. It identifies problems so you can address and correct those complications. In the long run, this saves you money, protects your goods, and keeps your customers happy.

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