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Logistics is all about preparing for the unforeseen.

It is the science of product risk management. Picking, pulling, packaging, loading, shipping, and delivery: at some point youre going to experience damage. In fact, approximately 2% of all shipments are damaged during transit. But, you can mitigate the potential for damage with proper packaging; optimal load design, effective stretch wrapping patterns, efficient trailer loading, and the right dunnage to minimize vibrations and shockwatch. When you do this, you increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, leading to increased profitability.

Damage prevention with shockwatch

Insurers handle the claims, but they dont like it anymore than you do.

What if you had something that could let you know when the damage occurred, more accurately pinpointing accountability? Something passively monitoring shipping and handling defects and impacts? Something recording empirical evidence, valuable to everyone involved in the process? That product is shockwatch.

The truth is deterrence improves future tasks.

Revenue flow depends on expeditious delivery. Customers do not pay until they have their order satisfactorily in hand. Speed drives on-time delivery, but it increases the risk of shoddy packaging, poor material choices, and rushed testing. Therefore, the only true metric of quality performance is customer satisfaction.

Standardized processes will improve with reliable evidence.

If you were to use an impact indicator on your shipments, youd be able to bring in reliable, real world evidence of what happens during transit. Testing packaging in an in-house facility makes sense, but it cant approximate real life conditions well enough to prepare you for all the possibilities your package will face in transit.

Reliable metrics reduce costs from stock to dock. What if it was really as easy as simply data gathering?

The route to accountability


ShockWatch trusted indicators provide a chain of accountability when damage claims come in, offering passive monitoring of material handling from the beginning of the journey to the end.

Shockwatch indicators

The small but effective indicators offer:

  • Highly visible signs that show impact levels during shipping and handling
  • Records revealing impact and mishandling of sensitive or calibrated products
  • Maintenance control of fragile, perishable, and sensitive goods throughout the process
  • Warnings to everyone involved that something needs attention
  • Evidence of container abuse during handling
  • Alerts to receivers suggesting they inspect containers before acceptance
  • Evaluations of the effectiveness of the packaging
  • Problem area localization in the supply chain process from dock to dock
  • Assurance of the quality of product promised to the customer
  • Improvement in accountability for all product handling

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